How to not look like the undead: Skin Food Lavender Tea Salt Mask Foam

I was super annoyed that Etude House was phasing out my favorite Happy Tea Time foam, my current facial wash. (They were also phasing out the Strong Eyes cream eyeliner — sometimes it seems like the universe is trying to take away the good things in your life.) So I decided that instead of going around all Etude House branches and buying up all their supplies of Happy Tea Time facial foam, I should take this opportunity to try out new products.

It’s funny, but when I was in my early twenties, I never bothered with special soap for my face. I used on my face whatever liquid soap I used on my body. Then I got older and the idea of aging freaked the hell out of me, so I was determined to take all precautions. That meant soap made especially for the face, plus a whole bunch of other products like masks, moisturizers, bb creams, and serums. It’s great that using all that crap on my face is always a fun experience — they smell nice and if you pick the right products, you’re rewarded with a nice healthy glow afterwards.

Skin Food Lavender Tea Salt Mask Foam

I decided on Skin Food’s Lavender Tea Salt Mask Foam on a whim. I like the scent of lavender, and the idea of a salted facial wash intrigued me.

It came in a large squeeze tube. Unlike Happy Tea Time facial wash, the tube for this had a rather large opening.

Skin Food Lavender Tea Salt Mask Foam

It was white and creamy. And it did smell like lavender. When I lathered it up, I could feel the grains of salt (I’m assuming it was salt) but after a while they dissolved into the soft foam.

Skin Food Lavender Tea Salt Mask Foam

Guess what? I got some on my lips and found out it actually tasted salty! I have no idea if the salt did any good to my skin, but the foam felt great and it cleansed my skin pretty well. I didn’t break out or feel dry afterwards.

So yeah, I suppose I’ll be sticking to this for a while. Goodbye, Etude House Happy Tea Time facial wash. We had good times together, but I’ll be moving on now.

By Tania Arpa

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