Cutting down

As you can see by the theme of this blog, I obviously watch too much television. Now while this makes for endless hours of entertainment (on a good day, my friends and I end up enacting what could be rejected scenes from The Big Bang Theory) and much of apocalyptic survival knowledge may be gleamed from pop culture, this has lead to my neglect of other worthwhile life endeavors. For instance, running a company. And writing. And shopping. One day I realized I’d been wearing the same pair of shoes for the past five days, mostly because I had no time to get a few decent new pairs. Why hang out at the mall when I had episodes of King of Baking waiting home for me? But I saw the error of my ways and did the one thing most geeks are loathe to do: trim down my TV viewing list.

So, CSI had to go. Same with Law and Order. Even the UK series, as much as I adore Jamie Bamber. I basically quit all police procedurals save for Criminal Minds (which you will have to pry from my figurative cold, dead hands because I heart Reid/Garcia/Hotch/Morgan and a girl needs a weekly dose of extra-horrifying heinous acts of murder and depravity to prepare her for whatever horrors await humanity come the apocalypse).

Of course when the new TV seasons come, I’d check out the new pilots, but if a show doesn’t interest me enough with one episode, I don’t give it another chance. Except of course for the ones my friends seem to really, really like, but it’s rare for me to reconsider my first impression of a show.

I kept Eureka on, because while it got boring sometimes, I heart Sheriff Carter, and the show always came up with ways to surprise me. Warehouse 13 was a lost cause, however, so I quit that. I used to love Burn Notice (it had a lot of tips on how to McGyver your way out of a situation) but it’s gotten so serious and maudlin as of late, so bye-bye Michael Westin (I’d still recommend it to people, though).

Last Resort - ABC

So what new shows am I loving right now? There’s Don’t Trust the B*tch in Apartment 23, because the titular character is a hoot and it has James Vanderbeek playing himself. Last Resort is my newest gem. It’s so bloody brilliant, just about all its main characters are so badass, and it involves submarines. Submarines! I love boats, and stories about boats (every few months or so I rewatch the entire Hornblower series). Arrow is also a lot of fun — I’m loving the self-aware campiness of it all. Plus, hello eye candy. Oh, and Political Animals is kinda awesome too.

I’m not going to list all the series I’m still watching right now. The length of it would still horrify the regular TV viewer. But it’s safe to say that I’ve finally made room for other things that don’t involve staring at a screen for hours, some of which may even be helpful for surviving a post-apocalyptic world. And that’s what really matters.

By Tania Arpa

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