I could never deal with sleep deprivation properly. I envy my friends who could do an all-nighter then go off to work or school in the morning. Normally, after a night of no sleep, I’m a zombie. And by zombie, I mean I will tear your living heart out if you try to keep me from sleeping. However, that all changed a few weeks ago. I spent not one, but two nights without sleep and managed to function fine (ish) the next day. And as in situations where I manage unusual resilience and fortitude, cute boys were involved. The first night was the one before Big Bang was flying into town for their concert. I couldn’t get two seconds of sleep, I was too excited. (It wasn’t the first time I was in the same city as them, but it was the first time they’d be in MY town, Metro Manila. It was a totally different set of expectations.) The second night was the one before the concert itself. We were camped out outside the MOA Arena so we could be some of the first in line for the moshpit.

So my point is, I paid for all that: I got sick exactly a week ago. I’m still sick now. I hadn’t gotten sick in months, something I think I could attribute to the large quantities of kimchi I’d been eating. But that week of the concert totally did me in. I have the flu and I’m still trying to recover.

The whole experience has been so boring. Don’t get me wrong — I love staying home. So long as I have my laptop and a fast internet connection, I am loathe to go out. The problem was I couldn’t read without getting a blinding headache. So I couldn’t work. Or reply properly to emails. Or blog. I could watch TV, but after I’d run out of episodes of Supernatural, Last Resort, and the Daily Show, among others, there was nothing else for me to do.

So the other day, I found myself looking through the online shop Zalora. This was either a good or bad thing, depending on how you look at it. I found myself checking out a pair of Art’s Brasil heels which I’d seen days earlier, and which I couldn’t stop thinking about. And it was on sale! In fact, it was now priced at about a fourth of its original price. Oh boy. I was broke, but I had some money in my Paypal, and because I saw there was only one pair left in my size, I clicked on the Buy button. It was the first time I’d ever bought shoes online.

They arrived early yesterday. The housekeeper had to wake me up, and I knew instantly it had arrived. It was kinda exciting. Like Christmas. The shoes were in its Art’s Brasil shoebox, which came in another one, a huge Zalora box (it was pretty).

Zalora box

The shoebox itself had some text in what I’m assuming is Portuguese, and I had no idea what it says. But it was a nice big box, and it provided plenty of room for my lovely new heels.

Arts Brasil - shoebox top - from

Arts Brasil - shoebox bottom - from

And these are my new babies. I’ve never had Brazilian shoes before (it’s not like I’m trying for a pair from every country — WAIT), so they’re extra cool. I think I’ll call them Renata. Yes, I name my shoes. Deal with my naming.

Renata - Art's Brasil - from
Yes, I know, I need a pedicure.

Like I said, it was the first time I’d ordered shoes online. My online shopping experience so far has been limited to non-size-specific items such as scarves for my parents, ebooks and make-up. It’s scary buying clothes and shoes with only the website photos as a reference, clinging desperately to the hope that you chose the right size. Fortunately, Zalora guarantees a return/exchange policy, so I wasn’t stressing about any of that. I’d like to thank (blame) my friend Iggy for introducing me to the shopping website. She’s a brand ambassador for the shop, and she even has a discount code you can use to get your items at a lower price (check out her style blog Plus Size Fasyon Mudra).

Zalora also had Art’s Brasil wedges on their site, but for some reason I could never get on board the wedge shoes bandwagon. One reason is that I think heels are pretty. There’s a certain elegance about the lines on a shoe’s heel, especially if it’s rather high. Another reason is that I use my heels as cross-trainers. I figure that if you can balance yourself walking/running on various terrains in heels, then doing the same in more practical shoes is a cinch. And heels are harder to manage than wedges. Don’t forget, when the apocalypse comes, civilization has fallen and the machines are trying to capture you to use you as a battery, you’ll need to do a lot of running, and a lot of it may involve running across a landscape strewn with debris and whatnot.

By Tania Arpa

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