Latte art!

The other day, after a dinner of super-sized bowls of noodles at Ramen Cool at Kapitolyo, we decided we just had to go get coffee at Subspace. M wanted to try their specialty, the Purple Potato Latte which we’ve been raving about since forever. I wanted cake. I couldn’t get coffee because I didn’t want to be awake all night and the idea of decaffeinated coffee is just too weird for me, so I settled for a hot chocolate.

We all got fun latte art on our drinks. Until the apocalypse comes, we should all just learn to sit back and enjoy our coffee and our latte art.

Latte art at Subspace Coffeehouse
Puppy! (And a blueberry cheesecake.)

Latte art at Subspace Coffeehouse
Another puppy, on the Purple Potato Latte. And a red velvet cheesecake.
Latte art at Subspace Coffeehouse
Someone got Batman. Incidentally, he’s a comic book geek. (And is now wondering if he can get Green Lantern next time.)

Subspace understands my need for cake…

Cake was invented to put a smile on your lips. Subspace Coffee House.

.. and the awesomeness of chairs on the ceiling.

Antigravity! Subspace Coffee House

I love this place.

Subspace Coffeehouse

By Tania Arpa

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