Feeling writer, aiming for the moon


“What will make you truly feel that you’ve made it as a writer? Seeing your byline? Holding the book in your hands? Seeing it climb up the charts? Your first book launch? What will finally get you to tell people that yes, you are a writer?”

I’m still working on my first book (books, actually, as I’m working on three at the same time) but I’ve been published online and in print. Articles, essays, etc. I haven’t “made it” yet, not by a long shot.

I look forward to the day when I can make a proper living as a writer. Not that I plan to one day retire in all my other occupations, but I do hope that in the future, I’d be in a position to do that and still maintain the lifestyle I aspire to — a huge house, occasional trips to Europe, and huge, fat trust funds for my three parents. Ambitious, I know, considering that no one in this country seems to be making a living entirely on fiction writing (I don’t plan to do non-fiction). But, hey, the world is shrinking. With digital publishing, the whole world can be your market. I say, aim for the moon.

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By Tania Arpa

Thinker, writer, skeptic, spy. Geek. I do my own stunts. Follow me on Twitter at @TaniaArpa.

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