The Liebster Blog Survey: Apocalypse Edition

So Iggy nominated me for the Liebster blog survey. Thanks, gurl! The mechanics of the Liebster is this: when you get tagged, answer the questions, then come up with 11 questions that you want to be answered by the bloggers you nominate. Liebster is German for “Thank you”, by the way. At the bottom of this post, you’ll find a list of some of my favorite bloggers whom I nominate for the Liebster blog survey.

It’s been a long, tiring, draining, I-just-want-to-cry kind of day. What do you do for comfort?
Eat a tub of ice-cream while watching television (preferably something with lots of gore, like Criminal Minds and Supernatural), then sleep.

(Credit: Isisrain on Fanpop.)

Name one crush that usually makes your loved ones go “Really? That guy? You like him? You sure?”
I don’t tell my people who my crushes are, only celeb crushes, and they don’t really count, haha.

I’ve been mentally dating Sean Bean since I was fifteen.

If you could be dressed by just one designer/brand, who/what would it be and why?
Forever 21. They have cute stuff, and their catalog is huge. They have outfits for any occasion, from grocery shopping to clubbing to business meetings.

Forever 21

One movie you will never ever be tired of seeing.
Mel Brook’s “History of the World, Part I”

Last five songs you’ve listened to.
Light It Up“, “Crayon“, “That XX“, “One of a Kind”, “Missing You“. I’ve had G-Dragon’s One of a Kind album again on eternal loop on my iPod since last week.

Trend you will never ever ever in a million years try:
I can’t think of one! I’m pretty much willing to try anything fashion-wise, if I look nice in it.

Complete the sentence: “People will be surprised to learn of my obsessive knowledge about _____”
… how to survive a zombie apocalypse. My friends and I have already mapped out ideal places to hide around the Metro, and I never go anywhere without my Swiss Army knife, a flashlight and a lighter.

Do you have a life peg — a successful person who’s achieved much through ways you generally approve of? Who is it, and why?
Neil Gaiman! I want to be a rich and famous rock star writer.

How has blogging changed for you from when you first started?
I’m now kinder and more fair with my opinions of people than I was before I began broadcasting my opinions over the interwebz.

What’s one legacy you hope to be remembered for, 30 years from now?
Either a killer app or a novel that changes people’s lives.

Number one frustration:
I can’t dance. I love dance. When I see amazing dancers perform, I get teary-eyed. I cry at ballets. I wept after seeing Rain perform for the first time.

And now for my Liebster blog award nominees!

Dandi – The Everyday Commuter
Faith – Faith-of-all-Trades
Dek – Swimming in Strange Waters
Marge – Kikay Trekkie

My questions, of course, have an apocalypse theme (well, most of them, anyway):

  1. If you were to star in a romantic comedy, which actor would play your love interest?
  2. In that same rom-com, which actor would play your best friend?
  3. Name one movie you’ve seen at least 50 times.
  4. If books were banned in a Farenheit 451 situation, and you decided you’d memorize one book you can pass on after all the paper copies have been destroyed, what book would it be?
  5. If you and your friends do an elaborate heist, what would be your role, and why?
  6. If you had to give up one of the following, what would it be — cake or ice-cream?
  7. When you need to get into survival mode for a robot apocalypse, what would you be wearing? They must include only the clothes currently in your wardrobe.
  8. If you joined Starfleet, what field would you be in — command, sciences, security or engineering?
  9. What talent of yours would be most useful for surviving the impending fall of civilization, assuming you survive the end of the world?
  10. Which Star Trek captain do you think would be most successful in quelling a zombie apocalypse on Earth?
  11. What is your favorite post-apocalypse movie?

Have fun, guys!

By Tania Arpa

Thinker, writer, skeptic, spy. Geek. I do my own stunts. Follow me on Twitter at @TaniaArpa.

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