Park Shin Hye “Kiss of Angel” in Manila — best fanmeet ever!

Park Shin Hye "Kiss of Angel" Asia Tour - Manila, Philippines
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I’m seriously too spazzed out (and busy at work) to write a proper blog post of last Saturday’s Park Shin Hye (“You’re Beautiful”, “Flower Boy Next Door”, “Stairway to Heaven”) fan meeting (the Manila leg of her “Kiss of Angel” Asia tour), but in the meantime, enjoy these HD videos I took of the event. Miss Park was a hoot! She was funny and smart and charming, and everyone had a great time. And she sang one of my favorite songs from my childhood (the current version is a remake of a Smokey Mountain original), “Kailan”.

(For this one, if you’d like to see the English subtitles, please turn on captions.)

Here are the videos of the fanmeet and press con (last Friday, March 15) I posted on the YouTube channel (please subscribe!) of our webzine Please give us some love (likes)!

Thanks to Fangirl Asia and Behind the Scenes International Productions for organizing such a terrific event. Best fanmeet ever!

By Tania Arpa

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  1. Dear, I just watch your video of Shin Hye’s last FM in Manilla. It’s been great. Her answers are so funny! And would like to check any news of her FM in your side this year. I am thinking if possible, I want to watch her shows in Manilla this year …

    1. Hi Patsy!

      Sadly, there hasn’t been any news of Ms. Park visiting the Philippines for an event this year. Let’s hope there will be one next year!

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