Throwback: The Rotten Tomatoes Show audience reviews “Ninja Assassin”

The Rotten Tomatoes Show - Ninja Assassin
I'd just woken up and I hadn't washed my face. Deal.
The Rotten Tomatoes Show - Ninja Assassin
I’d just woken up and I hadn’t washed my face. Deal with it.

So I was trying to think up of ideas for video reviews of TV shows, and I remembered this. Ninja Assassin was a movie released in 2009, and starred Korean pop star/actor Rain. The now-defunct “Rotten Tomatoes Show” (on the cable channel Current, before Al Gore sold it) had their audience send in video reviews of it, and included a 7-second clip of my review in the show. My bit starts at 02:04. The opinions of the other reviewers don’t reflect mine, obviously. I love that movie. (Shut up.)

I got $100 and an IMDB page out of it.

By Tania Arpa

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