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The Five By Five Podcast Episode 1

This is happening! Like, on Thursday, December 26, at 7.30 to 8pm (ish), Manila Time (GMT +8). Watch this space for the link to the live broadcast of the premiere episode of the Five By Five Podcast.

The Five By Five Podcast Episode 1

It’s hosted by me and my friend Mina, and we’ll talk about pop culture, tech, writing, the zombie apocalypse — basically geek stuff. Oh, and we’d have guests too. Several years ago, I used to have a podcast, under a pseudonym. My friends, including Mina, would come over to guest on the show and we’d talk about whatever tv shows or movies we’ve been watching. I had no idea if anyone actually listened to it, but we had a lot of fun. I gave it up when I no longer had time to maintain it, and I didn’t bother to keep the files online, so I’m guessing they’re lost forever (I may have copies somewhere among my piles of backup CDs but it’s so hard to go through them all).

Unlike the previous podcast, Five By Five will be broadcast live on YouTube. When the live airing of each episode is over, you’ll find it up on our YouTube channel and on iTunes, so use whatever service works for you.

We’d like you –yes, you! — to join in the fun. Just tweet your comments and questions using the hashtag #5x5podcast (no need to tag me or Mina), and we’ll read them and answer the questions on air. For episode one, our guest Kate Evangelista, a young adult novelist, is giving away a signed copy of her book Taste to the listener who tweets the best question for her. The premiere episode of the podcast will air in a couple of days, but you may start tweeting your questions and comments now. Don’t forget the hashtag!

By Tania Arpa

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