So I finally got to eat at Abe again. After the first bite, I wondered why I’d taken so long.

The bihod fried rice alone is enough to send you into raptures.

Bihod fried rice - Abe

Humba - Abe
My dinner companions did not know what humba was. I thought it was a great reason to order it, and they agreed. It’s not my Mom’s humba, but it was almost perfect. It’s chicken liver and pork stew, slow-cooked. This version had banana heart strips. Yum, yum, yum.

We had pochero as well, but I forgot to take a photo. It was good I guess — pochero is really something I only eat if it’s there, but not something I look for, and I’m not sure how good pochero tastes like. But no complaints here!

For dessert I had “Sikreto ni Maria” (“Maria’s Secret). It’s suman (a kind of sticky rice cake) and mangoes topped with ice-cream and coconut strips. It was the best dessert I’ve had in a long time.

Sikreto ni Maria - Abe
Sikreto ni Maria

The ice-cream got melty because I had stepped out for a bit and they served it while I was gone. However, the fact that the ice-cream had melted did not make it any less awesome. seriously go to Abe and order it. A friend says they told her she had to order it before the entrée and although I got to order it after I’d had my entrée, so better check first.

Abe had a rather good-sized selection of hot and cold coffees, which I admit surprised us. It was more of a “let’s go get food with the family and all the aunts and uncles and their kids” kind of place, not somewhere you’d go spend a long afternoon talking with your girl friend over iced coffee (it was a Friday night, and the place was rather boisterously loud, as a matter of fact).

Salsa Cappuccino - Abe
Salsa Cappuccino
I ordered the Salsa Cappuccino while my friend M. ordered the Mambo Mochaccino. Mostly because their names were so fun. The Salsa Cappuccino had no salsa in it, so have no fear — it’s really just a cappuccino. They served it with syrup (which I thought was a great idea, because it dissolves faster than sugar), but both the mochaccino and cappuccino were sweet enough neither M. nor I needed additional sweetenings in our drinks.


I think we’re going back to Abe next week!

By Tania Arpa

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