Fangirl chronicles: She’s dating the samurai

Rurouni Kenshin Asian Red Carpet Premiere Manila

Rurouni Kenshin Asian Red Carpet Premiere ManilaThings not to yell out loud in the movie theater during a movie screening with Satoh Takeru:

  1. “How’s Taka? Is he thinking of … y’know, coming to visit too?”
  2. “Can I see your abs?”
  3. “When are you and Hongki doing a drama together?”
  4. “Would you like some cookies?”
  5. “Seriously, your abs. We would like to see them.”
  6. “Will you sign my Rurouni Kenshin DVD?”
  7. “The first movie was awesome! I saw it in the theater nine times!”
  8. “Kekkon shite kudasai!” (via L)
  9. “Take-dahlin, yatto kitekuretano!” (via K.)
  10. “Mattemashita!” (via K.)
  11. “Takeru-san, please sing a few lines of ‘Mighty Long Fall’.”
  12. “Takeru-san, may I smell you?”

Now if only the weather holds long enough for Satoh Takeru, Takei Emi, Munetaka Aoki and director Keishi Ohtomo to fly into Manila safely for the Asian Red Carpet Premiere (OMG when did Manila get so fancy?), I can stop worrying and actually get my mind back on work and stuff. Stupid monsoon rains are making fangirling so hard.

Don’t worry, I promise not to embarrass anyone. I will sit at my designated spot and marvel at how pretty Take-chan looks from the back.

Thanks to my old college friend and drinking buddy John. Lemme know if you need a kidney or something.

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