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So I finally got around to updating the print book templates I in the freebie portion of this blog. Behold Jane v.2 and The Hannah 3.0. These are templates you can use for when you need to layout your manuscript for publishing via print-on-demand like CreateSpace. You open up the template, copy-paste your book info/book title/author name/book text in the appropriate places, save as a PDF and BAM! you have a thing to give to your printer who will then do their magic and churn out your lovely little print books. Each template has (1) a docx version to use on Microsoft Word and (2) a version to use on Pages for Mac. (Hey, does anyone need templates in Adobe InDesign? Let me know!)

Jane 2.0 - Free - TitleJane is best for period romance novels or novellas. Which is why I named it after the venerable novelist Jane Austen. Jane v.2 no longer has those pesky textboxes (which totally work for me when I do book design, but I realized they must be annoying to some people, especially if you are an indie author and don’t really do book layout as a hobby or job), and I’ve changed up some fonts to the fabulous and roundish sans serif font Tex Gyre Adventor. Oh, and it’s now formatted for a 5″x8″ paperback.

The Hannah - Version 03 - Print Book Design Template (Pages for Mac and Microsoft Word) - FREEThe Hannah is a template meant for contemporary novels. As with Jane v.2, The Hannah 3.0 has no textboxes and has been resized to fit a 5″x8″ paperback. There are no changes in the fonts from The Hannah v.2, but the font sizes have been redone.

If you’ve never indie-published a book for print before, and you currently have a finished (possibly edited) manuscript of a novel or novella, you may want to check out this workshop on Print Book Formatting and Affordable Printing I’ll be facilitating together with indie author and pie enthusiast Mina V. Esguerra on Saturday, February 28, 2015. It will be held at O2 Space Solutions, Milelong Bldg, Amorsolo St. in Makati City, from 8:30 to 11:30 am. We’ll let you in on affordable (practically free actually) print-on-demand options that will help you get local and global distribution for your books. I will teach you the basics of book design — book covers, laying out the inside pages — so you can do these things yourself, or efficiently supervise an hired designer as she does your bidding and creates designs for your books. At the end of the session, your book will be up on CreateSpace and after a day or so, ready for worldwide distribution as a print paperback. Slots are extremely limited, so sign up and get started on your path to becoming the indie author you’ve always wanted to be.

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