Lee Soo Hyuk and a whole pile of tree death

Harper's Bazaar Korea - March 2015

Because I was out of coffee, I figured it was gonna be one of those days where the better part of it is spent running errands. Yes, Metro Manila traffic is that bad.

On my way to the grocery store, I went to pick up my copy of the March 2015 issue of the Korean Harper’s Bazaar today. They took out what looked to me like a 1 1/2 inch-thick bundle of magazines. I though, oh, a bunch of people ordered the same thing. But no. It turns out that was just one copy of the magazine (the main magazine plus a companion mag called Harper’s Bazaar Man — I didn’t know this was a thing).

Harper's Bazaar Korea - March 2015 Harper's Bazaar Korea - March 2015

Harper's Bazaar Korea - March 2015I think the whole set weighed about two kilos — I’m not kidding. All I wanted was the Lee Soo Hyuk fashion spread, now I’m stuck with this ginormous and heavy pile of tree death. I do read fashion magazines sometimes, but I don’t read Korean. Which is kinda sad, as I would really like to know Bobbi Brown’s make-up tips.

Harper's Bazaar Korea - March 2015

Maybe I could donate the main magazine to a Korean salon? This issue is only a month old, after all. Or should I keep it? I’m pretty sure it could make a handy weapon during the impending zombie apocalypse. If the zombies don’t read Korean, they’ll be both hurt AND confused.

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