Underwhelmed by eggs at the Australia Dairy Co.

When she found out I was going to Hong Kong on holiday, my friend Bergman (not her real name) made me promise to eat at the Australia Dairy Co. Why? Because all over the Interwebs were glowing reviews of ADC’s scrambled eggs, which, when she tried it out, she found to be not as amazing as she expected.

“I can make better eggs than that at home!” she said.

“Maybe the cook was just having an off day,” I said, trying to be helpful.

“Try it and tell me I’m wrong,” she said.

It turns out the place was just a couple of blocks away from where my friends and I would be staying — a nice, tiny apartment overlooking the Temple Street Night Market. The AirBnB reviews were positive, and three pages down, a helpful reviewer mentioned there was “prostitution” down on the street but it was generally safe.


(I wasn’t worried. Prostitution in Hong Kong is legal so long as the, uh, professional is working freelance, and not with a pimp or organization.)

So on the first morning of our trip, we went in search of the restaurant. I was warned there would be a long queue for breakfast, and indeed there was.

Australia Dairy Co. - Hong Kong

However, after a minute in line, a staff came out asking if there are any parties of two. There weren’t any, but we said there were three of us, so they let us go in next.

Rep. Edcel C. Lagman: Resolving the “gray areas” consequent to the Supreme Court Decision on the Reproductive Health Law


“The RH advocacy is a continuing crusade – from the epic 13-year struggle for the enactment of an RH Law to the one-year confrontation to surmount the constitutional challenge before the Supreme Court, and now the mission of achieving the full and expeditious implementation of the celebrated RH Law.

“We must never rest on our laurels. One victory deserves another. The triumphant march must go on.

“Today, we celebrate one signal victory: the first year anniversary of the adjudication by the Supreme Court that the Reproductive Health Law is on the whole constitutional.”

Free stuff for indie authors, and a workshop

So I finally got around to updating the print book templates I in the freebie portion of this blog. Behold Jane v.2 and The Hannah 3.0. These are templates you can use for when you need to layout your manuscript for publishing via print-on-demand like CreateSpace. You open up the template, copy-paste your book info/book title/author name/book text in the appropriate places, save as a PDF and BAM! you have a thing to give to your printer who will then do their magic and churn out your lovely little print books. Each template has (1) a docx version to use on Microsoft Word and (2) a version to use on Pages for Mac.

The Levi origin story we always knew we wanted

Yup, still short.

As a Levi fangirl, I had to restrain myself from bouncing up and down my bed at five in the morning when I got wind of this from io9: there’s an upcoming 2-part OVA series titled Attack on Titan: No Regrets (Shingeki no Kyojin Gaiden: Kuinaki Sentaku) that will be basically a Levi origin story.

Americans try out Jollibee

So some of the staff of Buzzfeed agreed to try the offerings of Jollibee in the U.S. Some of the feedback was hilarious:

Little Big Bite (Spam sandwich): “It tastes like a sandwich made by a divorced dad.”
Spicy Chicken: “It’s like a new type of spice.”
Burger Steak: “It look beautiful. I love it.” “I think that looks disgusting.”
Halo Halo: “How stoned [were} the Jollibee people when making this stuff up?” “It looks like if Christmas was a food.”

Talking Philippine comics with Studio Salimbal (Now with parts 1 & 2 of the Artists Panel!)

I had a blast yesterday at the newly-launched Studio Salimbal’s “Let’s Talk Philippine Comics” forum at Fully Booked BGC. The place was packed with comics creators and fans, and the discussions were lively and informative. (More info in a bit.)