The Style Mudra has a video

When dressing, I try to have style. I really do. But it’s hard, isn’t it? First of all, you have a budget you have to work within. Then there’s having to haul your ass off your nice comfy chair in front of the nice shiny computer (internetz) to go brave the traffic and the crowds to go shopping so you have something to wear other than that Doctor Who shirt that’s falling apart from use. Then every day, you have to put some thought into your ensemble.

The Mudra understands.

I this video, my friend Katrina, author and style blogger (Plus Size Fasyon Mudra,, talks about what motivated her to rediscover her fashion-loving ways, and how to develop your personal style despite the demands of your lifestyle. I was happy to learn that people don’t become stylish by accident or luck, but through a little effort. I can do that! We all can.

The Apocalypse List: To do a real fashion catwalk, and break a Guinness world record

So a lot of us have Bucket Lists, right? I kinda have one. I also have what I call “The Apocalypse List” — a list of things I need to do before the apocalypse, because while some of us might survive the end of civilization, there are just some things you can’t do after the zombies/robots/bunnies take over the world.

Apocalypse List Item: Uh, model on a real fashion catwalk.

Three days ago, I got the “Congratulations! You have been chosen to walk the New Glorietta Vibe catwalk!” email, with instructions.


The housekeeper had to wake me up, and I knew instantly it had arrived. It was kinda exciting. Like Christmas. I’ve never had Brazilian shoes before (it’s not like I’m trying for a pair from every country — WAIT), so they’re extra cool. I think I’ll call them Renata. Yes, I name my shoes. Deal with my naming. I use my heels as cross-trainers. I figure that if you can balance yourself walking/running on various terrains in heels, then doing the same in more practical shoes is a cinch.