The Tyranny of Iced Tea

Most of what passes off as iced tea in this country has no actual tea in it. Most of the time it’s basically flavored sugar water. It’s gross. Most people like it (but then this is also a country where that so-godawful-this-must-be-what-satan’s-balls’-sweat-tasted-like San Mig instant coffee is considered coffee) so they, in turn, assume everyone shares their fondness for that crap.

Emergency numbers in Zamboanga City

OK, so shit’s going down in my hometown right now. Here are the numbers you can call if you need the cops: POLICE STATIONS ZCPS 1 (Vitali) Natl Hiway, Brgy Vitali, Zamboanga City PSINSP JOEL CALES TUTTUH (+63-62) 926-0133 Mobile Hotline: +63-926-178-8277 e-mail: ZCPS 2 (Curuan) Natl Hiway, Brgy Curuan, Zamboanga City PCINSP RICARDO… Continue reading Emergency numbers in Zamboanga City

The Jack Ryan Defense

This morning, while I was riding a cab home from Makati, the radio was tuned to a news channel. I don’t know what station or program it was, but the hosts were discussing the ethics violation complaints. One of them suggested that the citizens who filed the complaint were lying when they denied that filing the complaint had nothing to do with the Reproductive Health Bill, of which Sen. Sotto has been a staunch, tireless critic.

Now, of course, technically, plagiarism is plagiarism, whether or not your speech has to do with the RH Bill. However, it may be better to take the Jack Ryan defense when accused of filing ethics complaints against Sotto.