The Women on the Web Philippines Summit on March 22-23

After a successful inaugural launch of Women On the Web (WOW) in Singapore last year, the Women@Google group is bringing the new and improved program to women entrepreneurs in Philippines in the Women on the Web Summit on March 22 and 23. All women business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs are invited to attend the free event, so sign up here as today is the last day of registration.

Participants will learn skills and discover online tools they can use to make their business ventures succeed. The program includes an assessment of your needs, a training session on Google’s suite of tools, and a variety of industry-related workshops on topics relevant to entrepreneurs.

At the end of the initiative, you can expect to:

  • Learn how to maximize your business’ online presence, collaborate effectively within your organisation, connect with your customers, promote your business and track and optimise your efforts using online tools
  • Be a part of a strong network of women-led businesses that support one another

That’s not all. Summit participants can expect future networking and development sessions after the workshop. The Google Business Group will be working to ensure the community of women on the web can continue to update their tech knowledge.