Spock vs Spock

The so-called new “Star Trek” movie annoys the sh*t out of me (I’m not watching it, so friends, don’t bother inviting me to the screening), but Leonard Nimoy is forever relevant. And Zachary Quinto is adorbs. And this Audi ad is so full of geek and win, I now have had my awesomeness fix for the day (month, maybe).

Don’t eat the f*cking candy

Sometime before he shot the then-hotly-anticipated Bourne Legacy and future blockbuster Avengers, Jeremy Renner did Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. It’s coming out later this month. And it looks terrible.

Sadly, I may have to watch it. Or do I? Yes, I cannot resist JRen in black leather. And his pretty blue eyes almost — ALMOST — distracted me from cringing while I watched the trailers. However, as my friend Sheila says, by watching our favorite actors’ bad movies, we are only enabling them from making bad career choices.

And almost as though Hollywood wants to mock me even harder, Famke Janssen shows up.

(I hate you, Hollywood.)