How I learned to love the Lannisters *SPOILERS AHEAD*

I’ve always been a geek, but I think Game of Thrones was the first role-playing strategy board game I’ve ever played — and I’d only played it once, last year. Yeah, terrible, I know. My friends had been bugging me to get into board games for the longest time, but the idea of sitting around throwing dice and moving tiny plastic pieces on a board for 6 hours did not appeal to me.

Game of Thrones board gameHowever, apparently if I’m really into a TV show, I can be made to try anything related to it. So I gave it a shot. It took six hours to finish the one game. My friend who was game master said it usually takes even longer with experienced players. Ow. Anyway, I played House Stark. It’s not something I would recommend to anyone — your territory is so far away from the other kingdoms, and your supply line is the crappiest. But I chose it anyway because of loyalty to Sean B– Ned Stark and his family. Three seasons into the HBO series, and I’m still rooting for House Stark. Even if they’re clearly not the smartest bunch in the Seven Kingdoms.

Throwback: The Rotten Tomatoes Show audience reviews “Ninja Assassin”

I'd just woken up and I hadn't washed my face. Deal.

So I was trying to think up of ideas for video reviews of TV shows, and I remembered this. Ninja Assassin was a movie released in 2009, and starred Korean pop star/actor Rain. The now-defunct “Rotten Tomatoes Show” (on the cable channel Current, before Al Gore sold it) had their audience send in video reviews of it, and included a 7-second clip of my review in the show. My bit starts at 02:04. The opinions of the other reviewers don’t reflect mine, obviously. I love that movie. (Shut up.)

Cutting down

As you can see by the theme of this blog, I obviously watch too much television. Now while this makes for endless hours of entertainment (on a good day, my friends and I end up enacting what could be rejected scenes from The Big Bang Theory) and much of apocalyptic survival knowledge may be gleamed from pop culture, this has lead to my neglect of other worthwhile life endeavors. For instance, running a company. And writing. And shopping. One day I realized I’d been wearing the same pair of shoes for the past five days, mostly because I had no time to get a few decent new pairs. Why hang out at the mall when I had episodes of King of Baking waiting home for me? But I saw the error of my ways and did the one thing most geeks are loathe to do: trim down my TV viewing list.